At HEIDI GOLD DESIGNERIE we provide internationally renowned luxury wedding design and styling, including couture floral arrangements. We offer our impeccable wedding design to a limited number of destination weddings per year, to ensure our highest standard.


Each wedding we orchestrate is completely unique, just as its couple. Your decision to celebrate with HEIDI GOLD DESIGNERIE guarantees you a carefully curated, flawlessly organized and delicately arranged fête. Picture perfect in every detail.


Additionally we are very proud to offer our unique design concepts for your interior.


We are based in Nuremberg in the heart of Bavaria/Germany and work internationally with a handpicked team of global suppliers and wedding experts. HEIDI GOLD DESIGNERIE was founded by Beverley Gold in 2017 and is named after her rescue dog Heidi, that inspires her everyday.


HEIDI GOLD DESIGNERIE has been featured in prestigious publications across the world, such as BRITISH VOGUE, TATLER MAGAZINE, Festival Brides UK, Men's Vows USA, Amber & Muse Europe, Hochzeitswahn Germany.

Aesthete. This one word describes me well. Even from a very young age I was absolutely fascinated by beautiful things. My mother still likes to tell the story of my first visit to the Louvre in Paris when I was four years old and could not be brought away from Leonardo da Vincis “Mona Lisa”. For me decorating a wedding or a room beautifully is so much more than just something, that meets the eye. It is creating an atmosphere of love, of special memories for a lifetime.


Founding my own business in the wedding and design industry truly is my dream. After graduating from law school and working in international corporations and law firms, it was time to follow my heart. Becoming a mother made it even more clear to me, that it is so important to be a role model in living this one life to its full potential and doing what makes one genuinely happy.


I am deeply influenced by my travels all over the world and consider myself to be somewhat travel addicted. The desire to explore foreign countries and cultures is part of my identity and nothing like it makes me feel more alive and free. Whilst I am half German and half Scottish with Czech routes, it is South Africa, the Philippines and India that range amongst my favourite destinations.

But my dearest place on earth will forever remain Italy. A glass of good wine and a plate of Linguine Vongole, sitting at a Piazza, observing the people passing by and listening to the sound of the wonderful Italian language, it can't get any better for me.


One of the most inspiring things in my life and one thing I love dearly is my rescue dog Heidi. In spite of her previous bad experiences and being put into a shelter, she blossomed into the happiest puppy with a huge portion of character. She accompanies me through life and all that it brings with it. I am forever thankful for her unconditional love and therefor am dedicated to rescue street dogs as charity.


I am very honored to see my work in internationally renowned publications, such as in the USA, the UK and across Europe.