~ Enjoy the Magical Times of your Engagement & let us organise your Wedding ~




 "Every wedding and event is an unique celebration of individual characters, influences and inspirations.

Our goal is to orchestrate a festivity that is a mirror of your personality and specific taste, which will grant you and your guests with the feeling of genuine hospitality!"

- Beverley Gold // founder



Jede Hochzeit ist ein einzigartiges Fest der Liebe.

Jedes Brautpaar und ihre Liebesgeschichte ist unvergleichlich.


Unser Anspruch ist es genau diese Einzigartigkeit Eures Stils und Persönlichkeit in Eurer Hochzeit widerzuspiegeln!  


Hierfür stimmen wir jedes kleinste Detail der Planung auf Euer individuell erstelltes Hochzeitskonzept ab und komponieren Euch eine Zelebrität, die Euch wunderbare Erinnerungen zaubert, die Ihr und Eure Gäste ein Leben lang in Euren Herzen wertschätzen werdet.

Unsere Hochzeitsexpertise und unser rechtliches Know-how ermöglichen eine professionelle Aushandlung der Dienstleisterverträge und Einhaltung des Budgets.

Selbstverständlich gehen wir auf jedes Brautpaar und ihre Planungsvorstellungen individuell ein.


Wir fühlen uns geehrt und freuen uns bereits jetzt, wenn Ihr uns Euer Vertrauen für diese besondere Aufgabe Eurer Hochzeitsplanung anvertraut!


The Planning Process

Our inspirational first step is to get to know each other and to seek and share your personal dreams and ideas.
This will be the basis for my artistic visualization of your wedding,

embodied in the creation of your personal mood board.


This is the fundamental source of inspiration that will set the tone of your wedding regarding style, color palette and vibe, which will thread through the entire wedding planning process.


 We are convinced that the key to a genuine and bespoken event is to go with the nature of the venue and its surroundings. Therefore it is of great importance for us to visit the location and fully understand the space, reassuring that our design will let the venue shine in its brightest way.



 Every detail of your wedding and the steps along the way shall harmonize and reflect the carefully curated signature design of this special celebration of love:

  • Fine art save the date cards and invitations, that mark your guest’s first impression of the upcoming event and will leave them in promising anticipation
  • A color scheme that compliments you and your wedding, which threads through the entire celebration in every fine detail, from your wedding attire and throughout the subtleties of the events tableware
  • A stunning wedding venue that highlights your signature style and important milestones of your relationship: Your magnificently transformed families backyard, your all-time favorite ristorante, the fields of your favorite Chardonnay’s vineyard, a spectacular beach abroad, or a by us genuinely consulted venue, that fits all your necessities perfectly
  • Carefully selected vendors, that completely understand you character and color of your soul: a wedding dress and matching accessories that lets your beauty radiate;  a ceremony held by someone that truly touches the heart; a caterer that serves your favorite dish as a couple, bringing back memories of a romantic dinner during your last holiday; musicians that give you the feeling of staring in a fairy tale and let you dance the entire evening away; a photographer that not only captures the beauty of the day, but lets you relive the feelings of the captured moment just by looking at the picture…
  • All the other special details, that contribute to the uniqueness of your wedding... Our vendor contacts and law expertise, will ensure you a professional negotiation of contracts and budget management


~ It is our pleasure and honor if you allow and grant us with your trust to coordinate all the above and all the more details of your signature event! ~

 • All our wedding services are custom-tailored

to suit your needs and desires.

Take a step back and enjoy the exciting time

of being engaged!

Take delight in knowing

everything is being taken care of!

  • All unsere Hochzeits Dienstleistungen
sind individuell auf Eure Bedürfnisse maßgeschneidert.
Legt euch zurück und genießt die spannende Zeit

Eurer Verlobung!
Genießt das Gefühl,
dass sich um alles gekümmert wird! •

Heidi Gold Designerie - curated weddings


All of our vintage boutique rentals tell their own story and are carefully collected from many different sources.

Each single decoration object itself radiates nostalgia from the past and especially when carefully adorned all together,

they create our signature eclectic

mix & match vibe.


Each wedding we orchestrate is completely unique, just as its couple.

Every piece of decoration we create is

a work of art made by hand,

and no two are exactly the same.

All the individual aspects of our festivities are truly handcrafted.


We create your wedding especially for you.

 Everything is carefully curated,

organized and custom-made,

as well as delicately arranged.

Your wedding is a mirror of your character and signature style as a couple. 

Your celebration is bespoken through and through.



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