Unser echtes vintage Besteck mit hochwertiger Gold- Veredelung ist der Hingucker auf jedem gedeckten Tisch. Ergänzt werden Messer, Gabel und Löffel durch Kaffeebesteck, sowie Tortenheber und Servierbesteck.

Es eignet sich besonders um die gesamte Tafel bei intimeren Hochzeiten einzudecken, als etwas ganz besonderes für den Brauttisch oder beim Tortenanschnitt.

Our vintage cutlery is refined with real gold

and is absolutely stunning on every table setting.

 The knives, forks and spoons are complimented

by coffee cutlery, cake-servers and serving cutlery.

 They are perfect for intimate gatherings,

or as a very special something

at the sweetheart table

and for cutting the cake.


We are always on the treasure hunt

for new real vintage finds
and are enhancing our collections constantly!
The presented items only display

an exemplary part of our fundus.
Of course we will coordinate our vintage products
matching to your personal decorations and style.
 Feel free to contact us

for an individual offer!


Wir sind stets auf der Schatzsuche nach Vintage Fundstücken und erweitern unser Sortiment laufend!
  Die hier abgebildeten Kostbarkeiten stellen nur einen exemplarischen Teil unseres Fundus dar.
Selbstverständlich stimmen wir unsere Vintage Schätze auf Eure individuelle Dekoration ab.
Fragt einfach ein persönliches Angebot bei uns an!

Heidi Gold Designerie - curated weddings


All of our vintage boutique rentals tell their own story and are carefully collected from many different sources.

Each single decoration object itself radiates nostalgia from the past and especially when carefully adorned all together,

they create our signature eclectic

mix & match vibe.


Each wedding we orchestrate is completely unique, just as its couple.

Every piece of decoration we create is

a work of art made by hand,

and no two are exactly the same.

All the individual aspects of our festivities are truly handcrafted.


We create your wedding especially for you.

 Everything is carefully curated,

organized and custom-made,

as well as delicately arranged.

Your wedding is a mirror of your character and signature style as a couple. 

Your celebration is bespoken through and through.



Heidi Gold Designerie
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